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Wristband: Monsta Mode

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This THICK black adult-sized silicone (rubber) wrist-band is for the hard-core bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter alike. The "Monsta Clothing" name is debossed into the front side while the "Monsta Mode: Warning-Powering Up for Rapid Growth" slogan wraps the backside. If you push the limits like you push the iron then Monsta Clothing bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, workout clothes, and overall fitness apparel is for you. WARNING! You just might unleash the beast. 

  • Measurement: 202 x 18 mm 
  • Material: Sicone (Rubber) 
  • Wrist-Band Color: Black 
  • Lettering Color: Lime Green
  • Imprinting: Debossed into material 
  • Fit: One Size Fits All