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Our own brand.... Hardcore Muscle and Fitness are supporting suicide prevention, a great cause to support.... pop into MONSTA clothing Australia Beenleigh, to pick up your stickers In the coming weeks to help raise awareness for this much needed charity and important topic.
 just a reminder we have the H.O.P.E Tanks and tees In stock with profits going to suicide awareness charity Livin.
Plz help support this, as it’s close to our hearts, as all people who are parents or have someone close to them going through a tough time, as this needs to be made more publicly aware, as it’s happening too frequently, and we need all need to help support this, and be there for everyone going through a hard time.
Since loosing a close friend of my daughter, and becoming friends with his parents, I have got a urge, and this is a very important topic, my goal in life is now to try and support this much needed cause, and try to prevent anymore teens or anyone harming themselves. Because you need to hold on, pain ends. Stay strong.... and talk to anyone you possibly can, and ensure you’re asking everyone if they’re ok, and really ok!!